New Risks for Rabbits, New Vaccinations for our Bunny Clients

You may be aware of alerts in the press, on TV and from the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association Fund) about a second form of RHD (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease) that is not covered by the present UK Nobivac Mxyo/RHD vaccine. Suspected cases have been reported in neighbouring counties, and possibly into the Birmingham conurbation.

Both types of RHD can be rapidly fatal, transferred by objects, hands, car tyres, the droppings of birds such as crows, etc., so any rabbit can catch it even if it lives alone or indoors. We would regard having your pet rabbits vaccinated as very important as this is often a fatal disease, but at present the risk of catching the disease locally is still relatively quite low.

The legal process of importing additional vaccines to help protect your rabbits is already completed, we have orders placed and have a limited supply in at the Practice. However, the on-going supplies of the vaccinations themselves are presently very sporadic.

We are now offering the vaccine to our clients on an individual basis. If you contact your local 608 Vet Practice we will set aside the vaccination and book an appointment for you if we have them in stock; or put you on the reserve list if we are awaiting further supplies.

Finally, remember, your pets should still have their normal Nobivac RHD/Myxomatosis vaccination, and have at least 2 weeks between this one and the other.