Lesley Wilson, one of our senior veterinary surgeons, is trained and experienced in performing acupuncture on animals.

It is often very useful for animals that have pain, especially associated with arthritis or spinal problems. As it is a ‘non-drug’ form of therapy we often  use it where we are restrained from using conventional medication; or if there is no option to increase medication further, but additional pain relief is still needed.

There is a Traditional Chinese understanding of acupuncture. But although it is often termed as an ‘alternative therapy’ there is also a conventional Western understanding of its action and success.

It can have a quietening, if not soporific effect on some animals at the time of therapy, so you should not be put off by the thought of having it done. If having experienced it, it doesn’t suit your individual animal, we can leave off knowing that we have tried everything to help.

Usually cases are referred to Lesley by one of our vets, so feel free to ask if we have not yet recommended it. Usually the first appointment is a double (20 minutes), followed by singles at intervals depending on your pet’s needs. No form of sedation is needed. We encourage you to stay with your pet during the session. However, if you are not comfortable around needles, we fully understand, and so you can take a seat whilst one of our nurses cares for your pet.

If you are a client of a different practice, you can also ask your own vet to refer your pet to Lesley.

Acupuncture isn’t restricted to dogs, cats can benefit too, and we are happy to consider other animals if they need help.